What should I expect if I call you?

I will ask you some brief questions to learn about your difficulties, how they’ve been impacting you, and what you hope to gain from seeking therapy. I will also answer any questions you may have. Then, we will determine if my approach is a good fit for your needs.  If we determine I am not the right therapist for you, I can often recommend resources to help you. The call typically lasts 10-15 minutes.

What takes place during the initial session?

 When we meet, we will take some time to walk through the paperwork and clarify any questions or concerns you may have about my practice and my therapeutic approach (confidentiality, cancellation policies, etc). Next, we will begin to explore the concerns that brought you to therapy, the distress you’re experiencing, and the ways you’ve tried to cope. We will start developing a plan for addressing your concerns and alleviating your pain. If you still feel that we are a good fit after our initial session, we can schedule ongoing sessions.

Do you offer a client communication portal?

I use the Therabook client portal for communication, scheduling, and billing. This online portal makes it easy for you to complete paperwork and communicate with me. You will have an opportunity to sign up and complete necessary paperwork prior to our first session. Doing paperwork ahead of time allows us to maximize our time together. The client portal is also a safe, secure and HIPPA-compliant way to communicate with me outside of sessions.

How long does therapy take?

Most of my clients see me once a week for 3–5 months. After that, we meet less often for several more months. Therapy then usually comes to an end. The process of ending therapy, called “termination,” can be a very valuable part of our work and well worth spending our time on. Stopping therapy should not be done casually. However, either one of us may decide to end it if we believe it is in your best interest.

Do you offer evening appointments?

I do offer weekday evening appointments.

Is there free parking at your office?

There is plenty of free parking available in the parking lot adjacent to my building.

Do you accept insurance?

I am currently contracted with Lyra Health at Collaborative Psychological Services, my Clairemont practice location. If you have another insurance provider, my services do qualify as out of network benefits (OON).  I am happy to provide a receipt or Superbill you can submit to your insurance company if they reimburse for out of network OON providers. Every insurance company is different, and it is important that you contact your insurance company before our first session to find out if they accept OON providers and what percentage they reimburse when you see someone out of network. You would continue to pay me for each session, but at the end of the month I would provide you a Superbill which you can send directly to your insurance company to submit for reimbursement. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about this process, I’m happy to assist you and provide guidance about how to communicate with your insurance provider about your benefits and reimbursement.

I am paneled with several insurance companies at my La Jolla practice location, Hillcrest Psychological Associates,  which is a separate practice from Collaborative Psychological Services. To learn more click here.