Should I Go to Therapy?

Two people are sitting in a room talking.

It’s common to ask, “Do I really need therapy?†It makes good sense given therapy involves a commitment of time, financial resources and emotional energy. You may wonder, “Will it really help me?†or “Don’t most people go through this without needing therapy?†Determining if your problem requires professional help may be challenging. We frequently…

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Inviting along uncertainty

A green grass field with blurry lights in the background.

Who would take the following trip? Departure: Could be today, tomorrow, next week or next year. Destination: Not really sure. Accommodations: There may be a nice hotel. There may not be shelter. Duration: A few hours, up to a lifetime. Maybe a few folks would sign up; but likely, most of us would not. Our brains…

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Discomfort doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong

A person walking on the ground with their shoes off.

“Fear let’s us know we are closer to our truth.†– Pema Chodron I fondly remember my first rock climbing trip to Joshua Tree National Park. A deep blue sky filled the spaces between the mountains of stone. I delighted in seeing all the Joshua trees, and I loved climbing on granite. My rubber soles…

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