The Therapist Behind Collaborative Psychological Services

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Lauren Woolley, Ph.D.
(pronouns she/her/hers)

Licensed Psychologist, PSY 23740

(858) 766-1179

I Provide Individual Psychotherapy For:

Young adults (18-24)
Adults (24+)

I Love Supporting Individuals Struggling With:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Perfectionism
  • Relationship Challenges

I Believe

  • You deserve relief from your suffering.
  • Growth can arise from pain.
  • You can build a meaningful life.
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If you're unsure if you need therapy, this article may help.

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Central Ideas in My Approach:

  • Emotional pain is not pathology (i.e., something wrong with you). It is a signal that a piece of your life needs attending to.
  • Uncovering and addressing the root causes of symptoms vs. just focusing on the symptoms leads to a greater reduction of pain.
  • Therapy can be a safe place to learn new skills to manage the challenging parts of life's journey.
  • Growth occurs when we feel safe and connected in our relationships, including the therapeutic ones.
  • No one should be alone in their pain.

My Goal Is To Help You Feel Better

I received my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University and my master’s degree in School Psychology from Trinity University. I completed a postdoctoral residency at the University of California San Diego Counseling and Psychological Services Department and a predoctoral internship at the University of San Diego Counseling Center. I have worked in public education, university, community health, and private practice settings over the past 20 years. I was a contributor to the American Psychological Association Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Girls and Women published in February 2018.

In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my family, sailing, practicing yoga, creative writing, and giving my rescue pup belly rubs.

Frequently Asked Questions